After more than 20 years of touring Scandinavia and the world, DUO JAG will play live at Black Mountain Golf Club in Hua Hin on the 11th of January for a surely memorable open-air concert.
The band is known for their high energy performances covering everybody’s favourite songs, with this being the third time they wow Black Mountain’s enthusiastic crowd.
DUO JAG started as a duo in the 90’s, soon became a trio, then a four-piece band, quickly gaining recognition in Sweden as an energetic combo with impressive vocals. In 2006 they became the first “house-band” for TV show Swedish Idol.
“That was a great experience, although stressful” says lead vocalist Anders Börjesson, with a smile on his face.  “We’re a live band and a TV studio just doesn’t compare to entertaining a live audience on the road. As golfers ourselves, we are so looking forward to returning to the big stage at Black Mountain Golf Club where the crowd are always so warm and enthusiastic” Anders added.
Black Mountain welcome everyone, their families and their friends to come on down to join the party and FREE Concert on Saturday 11th January.
Watch the video clip of Duo Jag at Black Mountain last year: