Record rains in Hua Hin – We remain open

Record rains has pounded the Hua Hin area in the last 48 hours. The Black Mountain Golf Course has received 75 mm in 24 hours – but remains open.

– No golf carts on the fairway and no fairway cutting, otherwise it is business as usual, says course manager Richard Halls.

Asian tour player and Black Mountain member Simon Yates walked into the club house restaurant Wednesday morning.

– I have been in Hua Hin for 23 years and never experienced rain at all in January, says Simon.

That streak has come to an end. Big time.

The unseasonably heavy rain has pounded the south of Thailand for almost a week, killing 25 people and locally creating severe damaging to infrastructure. On Monday 8 January, the rain moved north and into the Hua Hin-area.

Black Mountain, located in the foothills of the mountains 10 kilometer west of Hua Hin, received 36 mm of rain between Monday 7 am and Tuesday 7 am.

Between Tuesday 7 am and Wednesday 7 am the rain fall total was 75 mm, making it the second wettest day in Black Mountains ten year history, only distant by the 83 mm which came down in an 24 hour period on 20 September 2016.

– Hua Hin doesn’t normally get a lot of rain. But when it rains it pours. The mountains around us collect a lot of rain water fast when it rains. When the course was constructed we put a lot of emphasis on an high capacity drainage system, says Richard Halls.

About the drainage system at Black Mountain from the documentary The story about Black Mountain. 

– There are no golf carts on the fairways today and we can´t cut the fairways. Besides that it is business as usual, where tee and greens were cut this morning, says Richard Halls.

The forecast for Hua Hin calls for better weather to return on Wednesday with seasonal sun and temperature between 25-30 degrees.

You can see the whole documentary about Black Mountain here