International flights to Hua Hin

International flights to and from Hua Hin is close to reality as early as the end of the year. The airport authority has received a proposal from the Malaysian low-cost carrier Air Asia to operate daily flights between Hua Hin and its major hub in Kuala Lumpur.

Air Asia has presented a business plan to Hua Hin airport executives were they invision a major expansion of the airport.
The initial flight schedule with one flight a day to and from Kuala Lumpur is expected to increase tourism with 50-6000 people a year.

Fly from Hua Hin to Phuket and Krabi

However, according to the site Thaivisa, Air Asia intends to increase the flight schedule substantially in 2019 to include domestic flights to other Thai destinations, such as Phuket and Krabi. In addition, the Air Asia expansion plan also calls for 40 international destination. These destinations would include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and Australia.

“This is great news for Hua Hin”, says Black Mountain Managing Director Harald Elisson. “The convenience of having an international airport just 20 minutes away from Black Mountain gives visitors and residents a greater choice of easy travel options, and will give even more people the opportunity to come here and discover the ultimate golfing and lifestyle experience”.

”If direct flights to Singapore and Hong Kong would become a reality in the future, it would change the to dynamic of this city” adds Harald.

Flights Hua Hin – Kuala Lumpur could start as early as in November of this year.

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