Black Mountain resort vacation

Resort vacation in Hua Hin at Black Mountain Golf Course

What is it like to have a Black Mountain resort vacation? Fredrik and Sara are back for a second time. As you can see in the film, they full advantage of all the amenities at Black Mountain, including the Golf Course and the Water park.

In April, the worlds largest golf magazine, Golf Digest, named Black Mountain one of the best Golf resort in Asia. (You can read more about the Black Mountain awards here).

Resort vacation in the center of all the fun

But what is like to stay at the resort? Meet Fredrik and Sara who are back for a second time. This time with their daughter Ella. There are a total of 45 different private pool villas at the resort. The resort is located between the golf course and the water park.

Fredrik and Sara have no problems finding time for fun times. A resort vacation at Black Mountain puts you right in the middle of all the joy.