Five reasons to love Thailand

Five reasons to love Thailand and the thais.

Five reasons to love Thailand. It’s easy to fall in love with Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Once you place your foot on Thai ground, you’ll understand what we mean. Until then, we’ll give you five of the many reasons to love Thailand.

Thailand has much to offer any visitor, no matter if it is beach life, golf, scuba diving, shopping, spa treatments, food sensations or cultural explorations that are on your agenda. Much of the charm and appeal comes from the wonderful climate, the natural beauty and atmosphere, not forgetting the energy that all together boils down into this fascinating and intoxicating melting pot that Thailand is. There are of course more than five reasons to love Thailand, but here are five strong reasons:


Five reasons to love Thailand: The Thais

Thailand is famous for its friendly people. Actually, Thais are some of the nicest people you can meet. Always happy, always smiling, always soft spoken and always polite and helpful. Their attitude to life and other people invigorates the whole national vibe and it’s easy to get friends with the locals.


Five reasons to love Thailand

Five reasons to love Thailand. The nature is one reason.


The nature

Beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, lush untamed jungles and idyllic islands dotted around the coastline. Thailand has been blessed with the most gorgeous landscapes and an extraordinary variety of wildlife. The diverse sceneries are many times breath-taking – we’re talking postcard-perfect pictures. You just want to put it all on repeat.



The weather

Simply put: the weather is great. It’s all just a matter of selecting the right part of the country depending on when you plan to arrive. Situated just north of the equator, Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons (two in the southern, coastal regions). The “cold” season runs from November to February with temperatures on an average around 18–26° C. During the hot season, April–May, the temperatures can reach as high as 37° C. The rest of the year is called the wet season, with rain falls peaking between October and November. Still the temperatures rest reliable around 30° C


The food

T as in Tasty. The food in Thailand is savoury, spicy, sultry – and inexpensive. Food plays a central role in Thailand, and the Thai kitchen offers you an experience of a lifetime that includes all your senses. All you need to do is hop on an airplane and start exploring the many superb dishes at numerous restaurants, bars, cafés and food markets.¨


The golf courses

Thailand is a mecca for active people, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as for golf lovers. With over 300 golf courses across the country, you are sure to find your very own favorite. Most certainly, we at Black Mountain will do our very best to exceed your expectations. And we are of course extremely proud that our golf course has been ranked no. 1 in the country.

What are your five reasons to love Thailand?