The history about Black Mountain

When Black Mountain’s founder, Stig Notlöv, first visited Hua Hin in 2004, he quickly recognised the region’s golf potential and set about creating one of the best golf courses in Asia.

In late 2005, he found what he considered the perfect site in rough terrain 10 kilometres west of Hua Hin. Just two months later, after acquiring the land, more than 1000 construction workers, 200 trucks and 60 excavators set about fulfilling Stig’s dream.

After only 14 months of construction, the course opened in April 20, 2007 in record time to widespread acclaim, both locally and throughout Thailand. Numerous awards followed, and just five years after the first rounds were played, Black Mountain became the first course in Thailand to be included in US Golf Digest’s list of the Best 100 Courses Outside the United States.