Four Story House

Extraordinary living with sensational view over golf course.

If you are looking for an extraordinary living, look no further. This four-story, +800 square-meter, extravaganza offers a sensational view over Black Mountain and surrounding landscape in an living environment you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

A total of nine Four Story Villas are planned between the condominium building and the clubhouse. Four has already been sold and are under construction, or have already been completed.




Ground floor

Car park 50 m2
Lobby wine cellar 55 m2
Maid’s room 16 m2
Bathroom 5 5 m2
Pumproom / filter 14 m2
Stairs (int) 24 m2
Stairs (ext) 8 m2
Lift 6 m2
Total area 176 m2

2nd floor

Stair entrance 32 m2
Kitchen & dining 43 m2
Reception 44 m2
Living area 43 m2
Pool deck 148 m2
Swimming pool 48 m2
Stairs 24 m2
Lift 6 m2
Total area 389 m2

3rd floor

Hall 11 m2
Bedroom 2, 31m2
Bathroom 2, 10m2
Bedroom 3, 31 m2
Bathroom 3, 10 m2
Stairs 24 m2
Lift 6 m2
Total area 124 m2

4th floor

Kitchen area 21 m2
Office multi-purpose 23 m2
Bathroom  4 m2
Bedroom 1, 27 m2
Walk in closet 10 m2
Bathroom 2, 14m2
Sauna 3 m2
Stairs 24 m2
Lift 6 m2
Total area 132 m2