The Story of Black Mountain

The Story of Black Mountain is a 45-minute documentary about how Black Mountain Golf Club in Hua Hin, Thailand came about. Stig Notlov grew up in the remote north of Sweden, some 100 miles north of the Arctic circle. In his first professional career, Stig founded and ran a highly successful hardware chain in Scandinavia. In his second professional career, he created a master piece golf course and a community around it in the foothills west of Hua Hin, Thailand.

“This is a film for golfers and people interested in a great story” says producer and director Mattias Brannholm. “I enjoy golf and was mesmerized when I was told how Black Mountain came about. From Stigs endeavor as an entrepreneur in Sweden, how he barely escaped the tsunami and was forced to evacuated and how he in less than ten years fulfilled a long time dream of building a golf course and winning numerous awards as one of the best golf course in all of Asia”.

The story of Black Mountain is produced and directed by filmmaker Mattias Brannholm at Brama Films. Director of photography is Niklas Forshell. Award winning editor Anders Bewarp headed the post production-team.