A day at the Black Mountain Spa

The sound of a tropical forrest. A wind cooling your body from a day in the heat. You intensely wish that the time would stop.

THAT is a great spa day, and I just had one!

Spa10The Black Mountain Spa offers a wide range of spa treatments; from Lomilomi massage to a deep pore cleansing. The staff is very service minded and friendly to chat with, you will feel pampered and relaxed to the maximum. While spending the day at the golf course the spa facility here is a life saver – you need to relax your muscles and mind! The Thai massage is great and you get to choose the amount of pressure you like from light to deep massage. I promise you that you will feel like a different person walking out from the Spa in to the warm sun.

Spa9Besides several different massage types and scrubs, you can get a herbal steam, some hours spent in their Jacuzzi (who can resist a treatment called ”Sweet Dream Jacuzzi”?) and of course manicures and pedicures. A woman’s nails plays a central role, and we all know that everything we do, from taking a dip in the pool, swinging that drive hard, or working out in the gym, will tear down on our poor nails. That’s why it is perfect to schedule a break in the middle of the week to go and get your nails done. By the result, I couldn’t be happier!

Psst.. The Spa is located behind the restaurant in the Club House – run over there to book your spa treatment times for the week now!