Miles Tunnicliff trains at Black Mountain

Pain, pain, go away!

Black Mountain Golf Club had the opportunity to host Miles Tunnicliff of England when he chose to practice at our property for this week’s Asian Tour Qualifying School Final Stage..

The Englishman has been recuperating from a back injury since August, 2013 and decided to come over to Hua Hin to get some warmth and acclimatise to the weather in Thailand.

With its ideal practice facilities, the Black Mountain Golf Club was indeed the perfect choice for the Englishman to train and regain his best form.

In his blog,Miles talks about his injury and his goal of earning an Asian Tour card for the 2014 season.

We wish him the best of luck this week!

By Miles Tunnicliff

I’ve been out injured for a few months. My last tournament was in August. I’m still not 100% healed and the back injury seems to be coming back. I’ve just played nine holes and I’m going back to the room to rest. I hope I can finish the week!

I think it is just old age and too much golf. I’ve been playing over 20 years of golf so I guess it happens.

The weather wasn’t great back in Spain because it was cold and windy. I thought it would be nice to come back to Asia to acclimatise and play on the same type of greens. I went to Black Mountain for two or three days to get some warmth for my back. It was nice to get some practice on local grass and get some heat!

I’ve been in rehab for most of the months and trying to get my back right. I couldn’t play at all. I started practising in the new year. Before that, it was treatment and rehab. I’ve been trying to stay patient but it has been tough!

My back is painful all the time. I’m okay for a certain time. Like yesterday, I was playing nicely then I started to feel tired and the back tightened up. Hopefully I can finish the week and keep training!

I couldn’t go to the European Tour Qualifying School last year and if I don’t do this Qualifying School then I will be out of action for another year. I have to give it a go.”