The Magical Benefits of the Collagen Quartz Lift

Punam Mohandas finds that this facial therapy is among the most unique, as it not only leaves you feeling rejuvenated but there is also a visible skin uplifting I have been to some of the most splendid spas in Thailand, both stand-alone as well as at five star hotels, and indulged in some of the most luxuriating treatments ever. When done right, the massage, coupled with the entire atmosphere and the typical distinctive spa fragrance that is a blend of herbs and lemongrass, can transport you into a world of bliss where the humdrum life with its problems is temporarily forgotten. The spa at the Black Mountain Golf Club Hua Hin is not far behind when it comes to offering exclusively relaxing treatments. Khun Tak, the spa manager, says that the 90-minutes Black Mountain Signature Treatment is much sought after by guests, as it involves a natural brown sugar scrub to polish the skin, slaking off the dry dead cells and leaving you soft and glowing. This is followed by a back massage using aromatic oils and the Swedish long strokes technique that focuses on the deep pressure points. This massage is great for dealing with jet lag or after a long day of golf spent in the hot sun. Another therapy that she says is very popular is the LomiLomi, also of 90-minutes and similar to a sports massage, which improves the muscle tone, skin texture and blood circulation. However, the one area I feel Bangkok, indeed Thailand, lacks in is a really good facial. Therefore, I admit I was a little sceptical when Khun Tak strongly recommended the Collagen Quartz Lift, saying it was the best facial they had on their spa menu. She was so persuasive that I decided to indulge myself in this 75-minute treatment. This therapy uses products from the prestigious UK brand, Elemis. The beautician starts by gently cleansing my face with the Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser. This is followed by a very mild scrub using papaya enzymes that clear the face of impurities and dead, flaky skin. Next, she places cotton pads soaked in lavender scented toner over my eyes, at which point I’m ready to sink into blissful surrender – and slumber! My face is now massaged with light yet firm strokes with oil from a Skin Bliss capsule. After the facial massage, the therapist applies eye control cream for under-eye dark circles and then a Pro Collagen serum over my face, followed by the Pro Collagen Quartz Lift mask mixed with lukewarm water to give a pleasant warming sensation that helps you further relax. While the mask is taking effect, she massages my arms, neck and upper back with lightly fragranced frangipani oil. Her massage strokes are so deft and practised that this is one pampering session I wish would never end. It must be mentioned that this treatment uses two facial masks! After the Quartz Lift mask is wiped away, the beautician then covers my face with an Exotic mask for radiance. She finishes off the facial by applying Pro Collagen Cream and sunscreen and I’m refreshed and ready to face another day. The effects of this facial last for about two weeks and hence, it is recommended twice a month. The skin uplifting result is a noticeable 94% reduction in fine lines and a glowing complexion. This unique facial treatment should be a definite must-try during your stay at Black Mountain Golf Club.