Karlberg blog: Swimming with dolphins!

Rikard Karlberg had a day to remember at the inaugural AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open when he swam in the beautiful ocean with dolphins. The Black Mountain sponsored player talks about his experience from Mauritius.

By Rikard Karlberg

Monday was one of those days I will never forget. We spent a beautiful day out on the sea with friends and got to swim with wild dolphins, snorkeling in the corals and had lunch served on a small island.

I never believed when the crew said that we could swim with the dolphins … Ok, maybe jump in the water and swim in the sea where they just swam their own way but we actually got so close we could touch them.

I never imagined this!

I wished I had one of those GoPro cameras so I was able to show you some images from under the water. I hope that these pictures will get you an idea how unbelievable it was.

It was kind of scary at the start when you are in the water. It’s quite dark and you kind of sense that something is approaching you. But once the dolphins came near us, they were so friendly and we had such a great time in the water.

We then went to a nearby beach for a great lunch and all of us had a great time.

It’s my first time to Mauritius and we’re enjoying our time here.