Black Mountain Staff Celebrate!

Black Mountain Staff Celebrate!

The staff of Black Mountain Golf Club took time out on the evening of May 2 to entertain and treat themselves to a well-earned dinner to mark another good season.

The staff dinner was hosted by Stig Notlov, the founder and owner of the multi award-winning golf club and resort located in Hua Hin, Thailand.

In his welcome address, Harald Elisson, managing director of the club thanked the staff for their outstanding work and contributions. “We have successfully completed ten years of operation and we are now well into our second decade which already promises to be recorded in our history as another successful decade to come,” he said.

Referring to Black Mountain’s status as the top golf club in the Asia Pacific and to the numerous awards that it has won over the years, Elisson said, “We expect to continue receiving more such awards as we journey through our next decade. The awards are a solid manifestation of how good we are and how good we are, is again a measure of the excellent work that each and every one of you makes towards our success.”

In paying tribute to the staff, Elisson went on to add, “It is your singular effort that comes together with that of all our other colleagues in the various departments that we represent, that makes us GREAT!”

Elisson is optimistic that the future for Black Mountain is bright when he observed that Air Asia is now flying direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin. “This is going to be a fore-runner to more airlines coming to Hua Hin and this is going to be good for Hua Hin and for Black Mountain. We will be working with the airlines to fly more golfers to our club and we expect this to be a new growth area for us in the coming months and years.”

In closing, Elisson implored on the staff to work harder and get better to ensure that Black Mountain wins a big share of the new market opportunities that will be opening up soon. “We must be better than Thailand which is perceived to be a very warm, friendly and smiling nation. At Black Mountain, we must aim to be better than Thailand. We must be warmer, friendlier and we must have a bigger smile! All of us can do it, so let this be our mission for 2018 and beyond – NOT ONLY TO BE ASIA’S BEST GOLF CLUB BUT TO ALSO BE ASIA’S MOST FRIENDLIEST GOLF CLUB!”